What the Best Do Better

What the Best Do Better Than Everyone Else

Jon Gordon’s book “Training Camp” is a great read about the traits of excellence. In this book, Gordon shares some of the qualities that all of the best performers- in any field- have in common.

We can all learn from some of Gordon’s thoughts about what the best do better:

1. The best know what they truly want; they know what they want to be great at

2. The best want it more.

3. The best are always striving to get better; they don’t get comfortable or complacent.

4. The best do ordinary things better than everyone else.

5. The best zoom-focus; they concentrate on the things that matter and create success and tune out distractions and naysayers.

6. The best are mentally stronger; they stay positive through adversity and are resilient when facing challenges

7. The best overcome their fear.

8. The best seize the moment; they do not allow their fear of failure to define them-the moment is more important than any success or failure.

9. The best tap into a power greater than themselves.

10. The best leave a legacy; they live and work with a bigger purpose.

11. The best make everyone around them better; through their own pursuit of excellence, they bring out the best in others