People Fighting Against Plastic

The Bamboo Bottle Company wants to recognize people making a difference and fighting against the overuse of single-use plastic. One such person is artist Dianna Cohen who was inspired to co-found the Plastic Pollution Coalition after discovering her artwork made from plastic bags would fissure and break down after several years. Plastic breaks down into smaller little bits but always remains plastic, just smaller; it never decomposes. These smaller pieces of plastic are ending up in gyres (which are large systems of rotating ocean currents) and garbage patches in the ocean. The Pacific garbage patch contains over 7 million tons of plastic spanning an area twice the size of Texas. While trying to clean up the gyres and garbage patches is admirable and a worthy cause, it is really only a small drop in the bucket, relative to how much plastic waste is being generated every day around the world. 80-90% of marine debris in oceans is plastic. Less than 7% of plastic is recycled and even then it can never be reused to its full potential whereas a glass bottle can be reused or made into a glass bottle again.

Cohen is trying to bring awareness to the plastic waste issue with her organization – Plastic Pollution Coalition. The Plastic Pollution Coalition’s mission is to educate, inspire and bring awareness to plastic waste on a global scale. Cohen advocates choosing alternatives to single use plastic and in doing so we will save our oceans, save our planet, and save ourselves!


It’s Recycling Day!

Today, Monday November 15, 2010 is America Recycles Day. The goal of the day is to draw attention to recycling as a behavior and as an act. America Recycles Day is one day out of the year to stop and reflect on why it is important to recycle; we want to provide awareness so we start recycling 365 days a year.

  • Paper products make up 40% of all trash and it can all be recycled.
  • Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour.
  • All soda cans are made from aluminum. If aluminum is recycled, 95% less energy is used than if it were made from scratch. Americans use about 400 cans a year.

To ensure you are doing your part, put an additional trash can next to your garbage specifically for paper or use a reusable water bottle like the Bamboo Bottle Original. One of the easiest ways for you to get involved in sustainability is to recycle. Take the pledge to make a commitment to recycling; it’s a declaration to do more.

If you are unsure how or where to recycle go to and they conveniently find locations near you. Do your part to Keep America Beautiful!

Bamboo Bottle Company Takes Over the Big Apple

With two successful trade show launches under our belt (Outdoor Retailer and Expo East) Bamboo Bottle Company decided it was time to take on the Big Apple last week to flaunt the latest and greatest in reusable water bottles…the Bamboo Bottle Original. Arguably the media hub of the universe, New York City is home to top editors, producers and stylist always on the hunt for the “next big thing” to showcase to eager audiences around the world.

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon to set up in our swanky space located in Manhattan. Kristan Clarke of Rendezvous Events met us with open arms and introduced us to a few of our showroom partners from Dakine, Simple, Black Diamond and Teva.

On Thursday, with a start time of 10 am, the Original was unveiled to a media list that included editors from Vogue, Esquire, ESPN and Women’s Health …just to name a few.

Glass is a no-brainer!

We love what we do, and we love people and organizations that go the extra mile to have their voices heard- especially for important pressing issues, like plastic bottles.

Tapped, a movie that digs deep into the plastic bottled water industry is a perfect example of the actions that The Bamboo Bottle Company praises. Tapped was produced to do one thing. Change people’s perspective toward bottled water. Many believe that drinking water, no matter what the brand, is clean, healthy and refreshing. Think again. In many cases, the water within the bottle is no better than the water from your tap, plus, you drink from a leaching plastic! If this is the case, then why buy bottled water? Why not fill up a reusable bottle and use it day, after day, after day? This is a question that The Bamboo Bottle Company can hopefully help you answer.

Take a quick peek at some of the nauseating facts around plastic bottles:

  • Americans buy 29 billion single-serve bottles of water every year- that’s a lot of plastic!
  • Much of the plastic is being made in petro-chemical plants.
  • The plastic single use bottle usage is one of the biggest problems facing our environment.
  • 60 million single-use drink containers were purchased in 2006, and 3 out of 4 were thrown out directly after use.
  • An estimated 2,480,000 tons of plastic bottles and jars were disposed of in 2008. (EPA)
  • When plastics break down, they don’t biodegrade, they photo-degrade. This means the materials break down to smaller fragments. These readily absorb toxins contaminate soil, waterways, and animals upon digestion.

These facts can be found on

Ask yourself this: If you want to drink pure, why would you put it into a material that can leach harmful materials?

Drinking from glass is pure. It’s fresh, healthy and clean… at all temperatures! We have set out on this mission to make a better bottle for you to drink from- videos and actions such as Tapped inspire us. For every bottle we sell, are tens of hundreds of plastic bottles that were not used, thrown away and lived the rest of it’s life in a slow, polluted land fill. So, here’s to a clean, glass-lined water bottle that will make you smile when you drink from it. Cheers.

To see a trailer for Tapped, please check out:

Improvements? You asked, we listened.

We are putting a lot of time and effort into making a unique bottle that is clean, stylish and sustainable. For the most part, the improvements to the Bamboo Original will go un-noticed. The bottle is now more innovative in its components and structure and will be easier to put together and take apart. Aesthetically, the bottle will look almost exactly the same as all the pictures. So what are the changes?

  • The Bamboo Bottle Company logo was originally going to be a heat brand. However, we discovered that we would use less energy and less time by investing in a laser branding machine. The new logo looks rich and is nicer to the environment.
  • The BPA-Free plastic pieces were branded with the 2 recycle label so that they can easily be recycled curbside should you ever wish to part with your bottle.
  • All of the threaded portions of the plastic were optimized to make the bottle simple to assemble/disassemble for cleaning.
  • A few subtle changes were made to our molds so that the bottle looks beautiful.

Basically, we showed you the prototype, heard your input, and responded with a better bottle with your help. We want to get you your bottle as soon as possible and we want you to realize it truly is a one-of-a-kind bottle for a one-of-a-kind planet™.

Introducing a one-of-a-kind bottle for a one-of-a-kind planet™

Credit: Deb Cram/

After drinking from plastics, metals and materials that are far from perfect, an idea sparked. How can we invent a bottle made out of bamboo? Well, as time went on, we concluded that in order to drink from bamboo, it was going to have to be lined. Having several concerns with lining the bamboo, we erased the white board and asked a simple question. What is the best substance to drink from? The answer is simple, glass.

Glass is pure- it guarantees a clean taste, it’s fresh. Back to the whiteboard, we asked another question, how can we protect this glass, so it is durable and able to withstand an active lifestyle? Again, the answer was simple, bamboo.

Now, the big question, how can this be built? After much research and development we concluded that a plastic top, bottom, and nut was the only feasible solution. Although we tried really hard to refrain from using plastic, the plastic that we chose is 100% BPA-free and recyclable with curbside recycling programs should you ever want to recycle your Bamboo Bottle.

After setting out on the mission to introduce a one-of-a-kind bottle for a one-of-a-kind planet, it is understood that the Bamboo Bottle Company is not perfect, however, everyday we are striving to get better, to become more green, and to build a bottle that’s not only better for you, but for Mother Earth. It is our mission.

We love our fans, our customers and our followers. As the Bamboo Bottle Company grows, we would love to hear from you. Any suggestions that you have on how we can become greener, more responsible, or improve, let us know! After all, we strive everyday to make a better bottle for you, so we think it’s necessary for you to tell us what you think!


Bamboo Bottle Company Joins 1% For The Planet

Bamboo Bottle Company has joined 1% for the Planet, an alliance of global businesses that believe in providing financial support to environmental initiatives. Our efforts to support and respect the environment are an extremely important part of who we are here at Bamboo Bottle Company and that’s just one of the million reasons why we decided to join up with 1% for the Planet.  Founded in 2002, 1% for the Planet exists to build and support an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet. Our company pledges to donate 1% of our gross annual sales to non-profit organizations striving to protect, promote and benefit the sustainability of the planet. Here at Bamboo Bottle Company we work hard to do the right thing and make products we are proud to share with the world. Our commitment to 1% for the Planet is just one step towards that greater good. 1% for the Planet enables us to be environmental stewards and embrace the notion of sustainability of the natural environment.

For more information visit

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