Green your Easter

I don’t know about you but every holiday represents an environmental challenge for me, and Easter is no different. With only a couple days until Easter Sunday I have been frantically trying to plan and organize my weekend. As I walk the aisles of my local stores to find Easter treats, everything is overly packaged, disposable and full of preservatives and names I can’t pronounce.  In an effort to make the weekend a little greener I came up with some ways to reuse materials at home and create DIY Easter projects instead of just buying everything off the store shelves. 


1. To fill the Easter Basket use real grass or shred the day old newspaper still sitting on the dining room table. 

2. Die your Easter Eggs naturally. Want a Red Easter Egg use Cranberry Juice and red onion peels. Blue Eggs? Use chopped up red cabbage or blueberries. What’s Cooking with Kids explains in detail how the Natural Easter Egg Dying process works.

3. Reuse home items for Easter egg holders.  Toilet paper tubes and the empty egg cartons make great egg holders. Have the kids decorate them with festive Easter colors. Check out all these fun craft ideas.

4. Make homemade treats and goodies. This allows you to control what is put in the food and decreases the amount of added sugars and chemicals often found in store bought foods.Martha Stewart has a great list of different types of Easter cookie and treats over on her website. 

5. Reuse Easter baskets. There is no need to buy a new basket each year. Reusing the same basket each year keeps something consistent for the kids and makes for a great childhood tradition. I still have my Easter basket from childhood; it has a pink bunny attached to the wicker frame! 

Holiday’s always require extra shopping trips, time spent with relatives and hours driving in the car; but you can use some of the above tips to help make your Easter weekend a little more eco-friendly. Have a great holiday and always remember to use your Bamboo Bottle as a means to reduce plastic bottle waste!