People Fighting Against Plastic

The Bamboo Bottle Company wants to recognize people making a difference and fighting against the overuse of single-use plastic. One such person is artist Dianna Cohen who was inspired to co-found the Plastic Pollution Coalition after discovering her artwork made from plastic bags would fissure and break down after several years. Plastic breaks down into smaller little bits but always remains plastic, just smaller; it never decomposes. These smaller pieces of plastic are ending up in gyres (which are large systems of rotating ocean currents) and garbage patches in the ocean. The Pacific garbage patch contains over 7 million tons of plastic spanning an area twice the size of Texas. While trying to clean up the gyres and garbage patches is admirable and a worthy cause, it is really only a small drop in the bucket, relative to how much plastic waste is being generated every day around the world. 80-90% of marine debris in oceans is plastic. Less than 7% of plastic is recycled and even then it can never be reused to its full potential whereas a glass bottle can be reused or made into a glass bottle again.

Cohen is trying to bring awareness to the plastic waste issue with her organization – Plastic Pollution Coalition. The Plastic Pollution Coalition’s mission is to educate, inspire and bring awareness to plastic waste on a global scale. Cohen advocates choosing alternatives to single use plastic and in doing so we will save our oceans, save our planet, and save ourselves!