Introducing a one-of-a-kind bottle for a one-of-a-kind planet™

Credit: Deb Cram/

After drinking from plastics, metals and materials that are far from perfect, an idea sparked. How can we invent a bottle made out of bamboo? Well, as time went on, we concluded that in order to drink from bamboo, it was going to have to be lined. Having several concerns with lining the bamboo, we erased the white board and asked a simple question. What is the best substance to drink from? The answer is simple, glass.

Glass is pure- it guarantees a clean taste, it’s fresh. Back to the whiteboard, we asked another question, how can we protect this glass, so it is durable and able to withstand an active lifestyle? Again, the answer was simple, bamboo.

Now, the big question, how can this be built? After much research and development we concluded that a plastic top, bottom, and nut was the only feasible solution. Although we tried really hard to refrain from using plastic, the plastic that we chose is 100% BPA-free and recyclable with curbside recycling programs should you ever want to recycle your Bamboo Bottle.

After setting out on the mission to introduce a one-of-a-kind bottle for a one-of-a-kind planet, it is understood that the Bamboo Bottle Company is not perfect, however, everyday we are striving to get better, to become more green, and to build a bottle that’s not only better for you, but for Mother Earth. It is our mission.

We love our fans, our customers and our followers. As the Bamboo Bottle Company grows, we would love to hear from you. Any suggestions that you have on how we can become greener, more responsible, or improve, let us know! After all, we strive everyday to make a better bottle for you, so we think it’s necessary for you to tell us what you think!