Green your Easter

I don’t know about you but every holiday represents an environmental challenge for me, and Easter is no different. With only a couple days until Easter Sunday I have been frantically trying to plan and organize my weekend. As I walk the aisles of my local stores to find Easter treats, everything is overly packaged, disposable and full of preservatives and names I can’t pronounce.  In an effort to make the weekend a little greener I came up with some ways to reuse materials at home and create DIY Easter projects instead of just buying everything off the store shelves. 


1. To fill the Easter Basket use real grass or shred the day old newspaper still sitting on the dining room table. 

2. Die your Easter Eggs naturally. Want a Red Easter Egg use Cranberry Juice and red onion peels. Blue Eggs? Use chopped up red cabbage or blueberries. What’s Cooking with Kids explains in detail how the Natural Easter Egg Dying process works.

3. Reuse home items for Easter egg holders.  Toilet paper tubes and the empty egg cartons make great egg holders. Have the kids decorate them with festive Easter colors. Check out all these fun craft ideas.

4. Make homemade treats and goodies. This allows you to control what is put in the food and decreases the amount of added sugars and chemicals often found in store bought foods.Martha Stewart has a great list of different types of Easter cookie and treats over on her website. 

5. Reuse Easter baskets. There is no need to buy a new basket each year. Reusing the same basket each year keeps something consistent for the kids and makes for a great childhood tradition. I still have my Easter basket from childhood; it has a pink bunny attached to the wicker frame! 

Holiday’s always require extra shopping trips, time spent with relatives and hours driving in the car; but you can use some of the above tips to help make your Easter weekend a little more eco-friendly. Have a great holiday and always remember to use your Bamboo Bottle as a means to reduce plastic bottle waste! 

Be Healthy Boston

The Bamboo Bottle Company will be attending the Be Healthy Boston Wellness Retreat this weekend.
We will have a booth where you can explore the beauty and appeal of our bottles as well as purchase one while in the marketplace. Be  Healthy Boston will inspire and empower you to be your healthiest! If you are in the Boston area the event is taking place at the Westin Boston Waterfront. The event promises to be spectacular!  Event highlights:

  • Workshops with over 35 amazing speakers
  • Keynotes Candy O’Terry from Magic 106.7, Seth Goldman of Honest Tea and Boston Magazine Cover-Girl Terri Trespicio
  • Complimentary sample spa treatments with local award winning spas and centers, including SPA InterContinental, Chuan Body + Soul, Aveda, Massage Envy Spa and more
  • Mini Fitness Classes by Healthworks, Beantown Bootcamp, Inner Strength Studios, The Bar Method and more
  • Cooking Demos with award winning chefs, including Ana Sortun of Oleana and Jody Adams of Rialto
  • Healthy lunches
  • and so much more…

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What the Best Do Better

What the Best Do Better Than Everyone Else

Jon Gordon’s book “Training Camp” is a great read about the traits of excellence. In this book, Gordon shares some of the qualities that all of the best performers- in any field- have in common.

We can all learn from some of Gordon’s thoughts about what the best do better:

1. The best know what they truly want; they know what they want to be great at

2. The best want it more.

3. The best are always striving to get better; they don’t get comfortable or complacent.

4. The best do ordinary things better than everyone else.

5. The best zoom-focus; they concentrate on the things that matter and create success and tune out distractions and naysayers.

6. The best are mentally stronger; they stay positive through adversity and are resilient when facing challenges

7. The best overcome their fear.

8. The best seize the moment; they do not allow their fear of failure to define them-the moment is more important than any success or failure.

9. The best tap into a power greater than themselves.

10. The best leave a legacy; they live and work with a bigger purpose.

11. The best make everyone around them better; through their own pursuit of excellence, they bring out the best in others

College Campus Ban Plastic Water Bottles

College campuses across the US are moving away from single-use disposable water bottles. There are over a dozen colleges in the US and Canada who have banned plastic water bottles. Many schools are implanting hydration stations to provide easy outlets for refilling reusable water bottles. This push to ban disposable plastic water bottles has been led by student run organizations as well as school administrators striving for a more sustainable campus. There has been some resistance from large corporations as well as students who believe in the right to choice.

The article points out that “Bottled water consumption has more than doubled in past decade, from 13.4 gallons to 29.3 gallons per person from 1997 to 2007, although demand has tapered off during the past three years. Part of the ambivalence stems from realizations that most bottled water is glorified filtered tap water, as well as concerns over chemicals like phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA) leaching from plastic containers into liquids. In addition, more consumers are realizing that 80% of plastic water bottles end up in landfills and incinerators, adding up to tremendous amounts of waste.”

All in all, it is great to see that college students and campuses are realizing harmful effects plastic water bottles have on us and our environment.

Message In a Bottle

This is a cool animated story of love and it all started with a glass bottle!  This story of a message in a bottle speaks to the power of love and the lengths people will go to make another smile. Maybe you should try to send a message in your Bamboo Bottle!

Camp the Summit

Camp the Summit visited us at our booth at the Outdoor Retailer show. Check out his review of our bottle. 


A not so fun fact: 40% of packaging contributes to the 1.4 billion pounds of waste added to US landfills per day. A great way to help reduce this number is by shopping at in.gredients – the first zero waste, package-free grocery store in the US. It is a more sustainable way to shop while supporting local businesses and farms. All you need to do is bring your own containers to the store and fill ‘em up, weigh them and you are on your way. It allows you to buy however much or however little you may need. Shopping at in.gredients is one more way we can try to help reduce waste!
Opens in Austin, TX in 2011. Here’s to hoping more follow suit. Cheers!

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